European Fireworks Association



What is EUFIAS?


EUFIAS is an instrument to gain (political) influence within the European community on behalf of all who professionally work with fireworks and especially its members. EUFIAS concerns itself mainly with European and international laws and regulations on fireworks and theatrical pyrotechnics.


EUFIAS is acknowledged by the European Commission, Parliament and Council as the representative for the firework industry in Europe. EUFIAS has been actively involved in the discussion on the Directive for "the bringing on the market of pyrotechnic articles" .

Become a member!


EUFIAS represents members from 24 European countries.


We still want to raise the number of members! When you know an individual, company or association involved with fireworks or theatrical pyrotechnics, you can point out the membership of EUFIAS...


Members of EUFIAS can be individuals, companies or associations professionally involved with fireworks in one of the 45 European states.


Supporting interested parties located outside Europe can also be kept update on developments in fireworks regulations.


EUFIAS can grow to a communication platform of the European professional fireworks industry/business. It also may coordinate international efforts by national fireworks associations.


When you have questions about EUFIAS, please contact


Presiding Chairman Karsten Nielsen


E-mail: info@eufias.org

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