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European Fireworks Association

A message from the board


EuFiAs or European Fireworks Association was founded in 2005 by Mr. Frans Arntz with associates from Germany, Belgium, Holland and UK.


The common dominator the board-members that EuFiAs have been/are active in the working group making the new harmonized standards for fireworks CAT I -2 – 3 and 4 and that they are active in the national associations.




EuFiAs have established committees concentrating on following subjects:

  • Directive – harmonization.
  • REACH.
  • GHS.
  • ADR-convention – Storage.
  • Environmental matters/CSR/ Image


At present EuFiAs is represented in


  • Working of pyrotechnics in the Commission
  • Notified Body Forum
    • WG for family grouping
  • JRC JLS ESETF (did yet participate in any meetings)

Members of the board

  • Karsten Nielsen, President (secretary) - DK
  • Heinz A. Swart, Comet (Vice-President) – BRD
  • Morten Sørensen, Fyreks (treasurer) - DK
  • Izaskun Astondea, Spain (board-member) – E
  • Clara Dalzini - I
  • Lincoln Parkhouse (associate) – UK
  • Klaus Gotzen (legal adviser) BRD

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