The board

A message from the board

Sustainable and safe articles are the new and existing goals and absolute necessities for ensuring the future viability of the fireworks business and to take us through the next decades. We creating within the EuFiAs-Green Deal Initiative (GDI) a set of sustainable goals and a sector roadmap is under development by our members which reflects our ambitions and visions. Safe articles are based on up-to-date standards. Our members are actively work in the CEN working groups to create the future EN standards under the new EU mandate.

EuFiAs has established expertise / working groups concentrating on following subjects:

  • Green Deal Initiative (GDI)
  • UN / GHS / ADR
  • Standardisation

At present EuFiAs is represented in:

  • Group of Experts on Pyrotechnic Articles in the EU Commission
  • Forum of Notified Bodies for Pyrotechnic Articles
  • Accredited stakeholder with ECHA
  • Standing Committee on Precursors


Members of the board

  • Heinz Swart, President (Secretary)
  • Karsten Nielsen, Vice-President
  • Klaus Gotzen, Treasurer
  • Peter Šajn, Board-Member